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Murder in the Outback: The Falconio & Lees Mystery   

Series 1: 4x60 | HD | 2020
Production Company
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 4

The Peter Falconio Case is a story that just wont be put to rest.

For some experts and onlookers, the guilty verdict in Bradley Murdoch’s murder trial still feels clouded with doubt. They are left with an uneasy feeling that there was a lot more to what happened in the remote Australian outback on the night of Falconio’s disappearance. This was no open and shut case. Too many questions, doubts, grey areas have left the door ajar. Inconsistencies and forensic question marks abound, and some key leads have laid unfollowed all this time, waiting for new investigators to pick up the thread.

The Falconio case haunts lives of those it touched. Some are fractured by the notoriety, others have become obsessed with chasing the truth. But what is the truth in this story? After 18 years it’s time for a re-examination.

As one of journalists who covered the case says, “I always thought there was another chapter waiting to be written.” This series is that chapter. The series will hear the stories of the individuals affected by this event and will use new and exclusive access to the original defence case documents to re-examine the evidence put forward at the trial.

"Channel 4's most watched new factual series since 2015. Consolidated ratings at 3.4million per episode! "

Episode 3

The fact that Peter Falconio's body has never been found has led to speculation that he’s still alive. In a remote outback town, two eyewitnesses tell a compelling story about seeing Peter Falconio at their service station in the days after the attack. They remain convinced that Bradley John Murdoch, previously charged with Falconio’s murder, is innocent.

Episode 2

A former Australian detective, now an expert in behavioural analysis, studies two different videos of Joanne describing the attack and is not convinced that the story she tells is believable. A police record of the interview video, shown publicly at length for the first time, shows how Joanne Lees was confronted about her affair with another English traveller just before the attack. Newly discovered phone records reveal that her relationship with him may have been much more significant than she originally claimed

Episode 1

On July 14th, 2001, British Backpackers, Peter Falconio & Joanne Lees are attacked as they drive through the night on a remote highway in the Australian outback. Falconio is missing presumed dead and Lees escapes into the scrub. She is later rescued by a passing truck driver.