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Making A Monster   

Series 1: 8x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Monster Films
Primary Broadcaster
TCB Originals / A&E UK

In a television first, a group of the world’s leading forensic psychologists, psychiatrists, pathologists and police experts come together to share their own insights into the minds of serial killers.

Leading the viewer on a journey through the psyches of the world’s most dangerous men and women, at the end of each episode, we aim to provide the answer to the ever-elusive question: What did it take to make them a murderer?

In preparation, our experts have researched their subjects in unparalleled detail — and in many cases conducted those interviews themselves, allowing us to get a unique insight into how various hyper—stressful events in the killer's life, when accumulated, can lead to them committing the most appalling of crimes.

"57% up on the previous 52 week primetime average "


Dr Richard Rappaport spent 66 hours interviewing John Wayne Gacy - who murdered 33 young men. His psychiatric assessment Gacy is widely considered to be one of the most important ever made about a serial killer. He now breaks a nearly thirty year silence to share the findings in full for the first time.


Dr Jethro Toomer (forensic psychologist) did the original psychological assessment of Aileen Wuonros after she confessed to the murders of 7 men. He reveals the shocking details of her upbringing that sowed the seeds of her destruction as a human being and led to the construction of her as a serial killer. One of Dr Toomers previous patients was serial killer Ted Bundy