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Left For Dead    

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2014
Series 2: 2x60 | HD | 2017
Production Company
BriteSpark Films
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 5

Profiling three of Britain’s most notorious serial killers, this series tells the untold stories of those they attacked who survived to tell the tale. Often it was their testimony that helped put their attackers behind bars. Featuring powerful interviews (many of our interviewees have never spoken before), archive footage and stylish dramatic recon, this series takes a fresh and compelling angle on iconic crime stories.

Series 2 - Levi Bellfield

Levi Bellfield, "The bus stop killer" is one of Britains most reviled serial killers, notorious for the murder of school girl Milly Dowler and two more young women. But police believe he attacked as many as 20 more. We tell his shocking story through the brave survivors who he attacked but who lived to tell the tale - including his former wife Jo Collins and another victim who has never before spoken.

Series 2 - The Moors Murderers

The "Moors Murderers" are Britains most infamous double act serial killers, the epitome of evil. In the early 60s they abducted and killed five children, burying their bodies in the moors above Manchester. Now, in this compelling documentary we tell their shocking story through the ones that got away.