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In The line Of Fire    

Series 1: 2x60 | SD | 2008
Production Company
Wild Pictures
Primary Broadcaster

Gun and gang crime is now part of life in Britain’s major cities and London has been hit the hardest with on average, two people shot every day. For the first time, Wild Pictures exclusively films on the frontline with CO19, the firearms division of the Metropolitan Police, the unit charged with tackling London’s gun criminals.

At a time when CO19 was still awaiting the inquest into the shooting of Jean Charles De Menezes, In the Line of Fire’s producers gained unprecedented access to the unit. They follow its officers for four months at close quarters to provide a rare and compelling insight into one of the most dangerous jobs in Britain, where split second decisions can mean the difference between life and death. We see the use of heavy force to tackle those CO19 believe to pose a threat and watch as they address pressures from media scrutiny.

Episode 2

The officers tell the cameras what it is like to be handed a weapon at the start of every shift and how they approach a task which increasingly pits them against armed teenagers from communities which resent the police. Unprecedented in its access to the Met's firearms unit, In the Line of Fire provides a unique perspective on the scale and nature of gun crime in the capital today by opening up the daily work of the officers tasked with leading the fight against it.

Episode 1

In the Line of Fire captures the pace and tension of officers dealing with emergency situations where their lives and those of the city's people are believed to be in danger from armed criminals. It shows them using heavy force to tackle those they believe to pose a threat and addresses the pressures they face from media scrutiny of their mistakes.