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Handsome Devils   

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2014
Production Company
BriteSpark Films
Primary Broadcaster
Discovery ID

Vicious predators who use charm and looks as camouflage. They’ll have you on top of the world one minute and six feet under the next. 

Episode 4: The Babyface Killer

There's something magnetic about Lesley Warren, but also undoubtedly dangerous. When he's kicked out of the army at just 18, he's already managed to murder the wife of one of his fellow soldiers, Patsy Vineyard. But like all serial killers, Warren isn't satisfied with just one victim. Whilst working as a truck driver 2 years later in South Carolina, he strikes again, and a stranded driver named Velma Faye Gray falls victim to his offer of help. But Warren isn't done yet. He spots another opportunity for murder when he runs into his old counsellor Jayme Hurley, and invites himself round to her house before strangling her in the summer of 1990.

Episode 3: The Spy Who Loved Me

Mary Thompson is looking for love when she joins a dating website in 2000, and she finds it in the form of Will Jordan, a charming smooth-talker from New Jersey. As soon as the two meet in person, Mary is certain she's found her soul mate, and a whirlwind romance results in a fairy tale marriage in 2002. Mary couldn't be happier. But when she falls pregnant, doubts start to creep in - she thought Will couldn't have children. Pretty soon, Mary confronts him, and Will tells her that he is in fact a CIA agent working undercover in the UK. Mary starts to fear for her safety..