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Encounters with Evil   

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2016
Production Company
ITN Productions
Primary Broadcaster
CBS Reality

What is it like to come face-to-face with the world’s most deranged criminals? From serial killers to cult leaders, sex offenders to kidnappers, Encounters With Evil uses extensive ITN archive, expert analysis and interviews with those closest to each case to explore the minds of the perpetrators of the world’s most notorious crimes. 

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Episode 6

The stories of individuals who do the unthinkable and kill those closest to them - family killers. Starting with Michell Quy, a newly married man who, when his wife goes missing, spins a web of lies in the media to deflect the police from the grisly truth. Jeremy Bamber, the unlikely killer who murdered three generations of his family. And finally, Stuart Hazel, convicted of abusing and killing his partner's granddaughter and hiding her body in their attic.

Episode 4

This episode of Encounters with Evil exposes the twisted Cult leaders and false prophets who, through a mix of fear and brain washing, led their followers to horrific ends. From the needless and bloody show down at Waco where the followers of the self proclaimed, "Son of God" David Koresh died in an apocalypse of their leaders making.

Episode 1

This opening episode of new true crime series Encounters With Evil delves deep in to the dark world of those that kill, not for revenge or in a fit of rage - but just for the sheer thrill of it. British serial killer Denis Nilsen - who murdered at least fifteen people - took sexual pleasure from killing and kept the corpses in his home for as long as possible as a twisted form of 'company'.