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Rescue Code One   

Series 1: 10x30 | HD | 2013
Series 2: 10x30 | HD | 2014
Production Company
2B Media

Rescue Code One follow’s the human stories of life and death, profiling the dangerous but life-saving work of a rescue helicopter crew and its paramedics.
Auckland is one of the most spread out cities in the world. When an accident happens in this major metropolis – medics have to react quickly, get to the scene fast, save lives.

Every day the Code One crew work with fire and rescue, ambulance, police, nurses and doctors to save lives. On call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They cover hug distances, sometimes covering the length of the country.

Rescue Code One – Genuine life and death human drama. 

Series 1 - Episode 3

The crewman of Code: 1 risk it all to winch a man in a critical condition, while a young girl lays unconscious after falling from her horse, and parents watch on as the advanced paramedic team pull out all the stops to save their choking baby.

Series 1 - Episode 2

The Code 1 team are stretched as a young baby struggles with every breath as Chris Deacon and Doctor, James Le Verve, work together to stabilize her. A head on collision in the rural town of Te Hana leaves a small family with life threatening injuries... and a car has hit a young boy.

Series 1 - Episode 1

As the busy summer season kicks in for the Helicopter crews, Paramedics and Doctors risk their lives, as they try everything to save a drowning man. Coromandel Kids look on in horror as their Grandfather fights for his life after severing the side of his head and a Waiheke mother is struggling to hold on, 2 hours after giving birth, In CODE 1..