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Changing Faces   

Series 1: 6x30 | HD | 2015
Production Company
412 Entertainment
Primary Broadcaster
Style Channel

As experts in their field of cosmetic and dental surgery, Dr Zacharia and Dr Penn invite us into their Sydney clinics to cut through the stigma of cosmetic surgery with a personable look at the dedication and hard work of the surgeon, and to delve into the lives of patients with unique and compelling reasons for a medical transformation.

Changing Faces is not just vanity being satisfied, it is the transformation of people wishing to live their life full of confidence inside and out - and the journey doctor and patient take to get there.


Episode 3

Helen has lost 90kg through a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise and is now left with kilos and kilos of excess skin. With a wedding on the horizon she wants to fulfil her dream of wearing a sleeveless gown and goes under the knife to fix the body she worked so hard to get.