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World's Wildest Holidays    

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Kalel Productions

Viewers become passengers when World’s Wildest Holidays uses holidaymakers’ crazy mobile phone footage to take you up, close and personal on the trip of a lifetime. The most incredible and shocking holiday behaviour caught on camera for your pleasure. With a phone in every tourist’s pocket, we’re bringing you more raw, real and outrageous holiday vids than ever before, and speaking to the people caught up in the action. From beach fails and skiing calamities to shameless drunken shenanigans, our holidaymakers are touring the globe capturing insanely stupid antics on very smart phones.

Episode 6

This time, we discover that a holiday is the perfect place to try something that’s a little out of our comfort zone. We meet some holiday thrill seekers whose more adventurous antics left them high and dry, including two brothers whose hot air balloon trip across the rural East went down like a lead balloon - leaving them stranded in the middle of nowhere, China.