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Series 1: 6x30 | HD | 2017
Production Company
412 Entertainment

It’s every bride’s dream to look their best on their wedding day, and with the latest treatments at their fingertips, the possibilities are endless. But will it be for better or for worse?

The nerves that surround the lead up to a wedding is enough drama for most couples. Add to that the highs and lows of a cosmetic makeover, and the pressure is well and truly on.

Unveiled takes an uncompromising look into the high piqued drama of a wedding mixed with the ultimate element of surprise where all will be revealed, or should we say "Unveiled" at the altar?

In each episode, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Zacharia will create a series of bespoke procedures for each bride ranging from breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and everything in between. We then follow the brides physical and emotion journey from start to finish where she will reveal herself to the groom on their wedding day.

Sam And Trent

We meet 39 year old mother-of-one, Sam, who is keen to go under the knife. To ensure she looks the best she can on her special day, Sam undergoes a complete surgical facial transformation , from lowering her hairline to lower eye surgery, fat transfer to contour her face as well as muscle relaxant fillers and laser skin rejuvenation procedures. Sam also undergoes breast replacement , augmentation and lift surgery to complete her Face and body makeover for the big day.

Ali and Ben

Ali & Ben are a young inner city couple living in Melbourne and getting married in tropical Bali. As an ex bodybuilder, Ali is used to showing off her best assets but has always been insecure about her skin acne, flat chest and nose. Being a diehard Kardashian fan and Insta Queen she knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to photoshopping her selfies, but with only 12 weeks before her wedding she will be undergoing rhinoplasty , breast augmentation, skin laser treatments and all the cosmetic help she can get from our experts to get her to ditch the Apps altogether- so she finally feels worthy of her hot younger man on their wedding day.