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Series 1: 10x30 | HD | 2016
Series 2: 10x30 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Seven Studios
Primary Broadcaster

The north eastern coast of Australia is home to some of the country’s most stunning beaches and attracts thousands of local and international tourists every day. But in the race to reach the sun and surf, along the busy Bruce highway, things can go horribly wrong and when they do, Australia's largest tow-trucking company is there to pick up the pieces.

Claytons is a multi-generational tow truck family business with some of the biggest rigs in the game. That means claytons can take on the tough jobs that others can’t. From car crashes, bogged farm equipment, bulldozers which have ended up at the bottom of steep ravines, rolled semi-trailors, sunken and abandoned boats and cars. No job is too hard.

We are right with these guys for the complicated clean up with specialised crews and drones. Some jobs are dangerous, and some are engineering feats, and all are executed by a rough bunch of aussies who are sure to entertain.

It’s big, it’s funny, it’s fascinating and it’s always loud.

"Big Accidents, Bigger Machines and the toughest towies in the trade’ "

Series 2 - Episode 2

In this week’s episode, Scooter, Ross and some professional divers head to Rockhampton where a ute has plunged into a flooded, croc-infested river. Now sitting 13 metres under, there’s a precious ring in the car belonging to the owner’s wife… On the notorious Bruce Highway, a car has careered off the road, hitting a culvert and flipping. The driver is still trapped inside when Clayton’s boss, Mike, arrives to help with the recovery.

Series 2 - Episode 1

In this week’s episode, a light plane has dramatically crashed into a suburban backyard, narrowly missing houses. Miraculously, no one has been hurt, but veteran towies Spoony and Ross still have to figure out how to recover the plane without causing any more damage. A driver has ended up in a culvert after swerving to avoid a kangaroo, and in central Queensland, towies Muz and Col have their work cut out for them after a semi-trailer overturns, dumping 22 tonnes of salt all over the highway.

Series 1 - Episode 1

An urgent police request at midnight sees boss Mike Clayton and his daughter Sam taking a dip in a shark-infested river to recover a sunken car… and there could be a body inside. A 30-tonne a dozer has fallen down a 170-metre steep gorge on a remote farm and Clayton’s crack recovery team is tasked with the daunting job of getting it out there.