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Series 1: 6x30 | SD | 2013
Series 2: 6x30 | SD | 2014
Series 3: 6x30 | HD | 2015
Production Company
Seven Productions
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 7 Australia

Every day, millions of cameras monitor every public move. Around the clock, someone is watching. With unprecedented access to control rooms and CCTV cameras, Surveillance is an exciting series by Seven Productions that captures the most dangerous, amazing, shocking and funny events as they happen. It's action packed and immediate as the viewer sees a variety of incidents unfolding right before the watchful eyes of control room operators.

Surveillance combines cutting-edge factual entertainment with access to CCTV vision including frightening scenes of dangerous driving, a cataclysm of criminal activity, people caught cheating the system in parking lots, as well as jaw-dropping sex acts committed by those who don't know they are being watched. This is television you can't turn away from. 

Series 3 - Episode 2

Every camera records a snapshot of something you never thought you'd see. In this episode, a man dangles his child over train tracks and a brazen man attempts to steal a snake!

Series 2 - Episode 1

In this week's episode an intoxicated man brings the city to a standstill as he stumbles on foot through the Sydney Harbour Tunnel... A mother's worst nightmare when her daughter slips out of sight when she falls down the gap between the train and platform...Thieves ram a stolen car through a sports store... And a demountable house being transported on a truck explodes on Melbourne's Easlink tollway.

Series 1 - Episode 1

Tunnel controllers witness a traffic stopping domestic dispute at 3 o'clock in the morning... a train driver's worst nightmare as a young man runs right in front of his speeding train... thieves ram raid a department store... and a policeman's split second decision saves his life.