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Revolution School   

Series 1: 4x60 | HD | 2016
Production Company
Primary Broadcaster
ABC Australia

An inspiring series about everyday kids, their struggles with learning and the science behind improving education. The students & teachers of this school work hard to pull their school from its bottom ranking and make it the best it can be.

The series uses fixed rig and roving cameras. Capturing the challenges, dramas and triumphs of life in an high school in a way not seen before. Filmed in a large school, with more than 1100 students from 42 different nationalities. There are high achievers who are aiming for the stars, but also kids at risk of dropping out and others with serious behavioural difficulties and learning challenges.

Episode 2

In this episode the focus is on how to get the best out of students, be they high-achievers or strugglers in danger of dropping out. Year 11 student Rachel wants to get into medicine at uni so needs to be in the top 1% of students Australia-wide. Rachel's parents pressure her to perform, which causes her stress at home and school. They meet to try to resolve their differences, but Rachel's mum loses her temper. One of the students has been caught with drugs and it's a major dilemma for principal Michael Muscat.

Episode 1

It's the start of a new school year at Kambrya College, a typical high school in outer suburban Melbourne. In episode one the teachers strive to raise academic results and keep students on track. International expert, Professor John Hattie, from the University of Melbourne's Graduate School of Education, has researched what is most effective to lift students' results, and he's helping Kambrya introduce changes. The school introduces new classroom methods in a bid to improve learning for both gifted and average students.