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Recruits: Police   

Series 1: 13x30 | SD | 2009
Series 2: 13x30 | SD | 2010
Production Company
Primary Broadcaster
Network Ten Australia

Recruits is an observational documentary series that follows a group of police recruits as they embark on the long and grueling journey towards becoming fully-fledged police officers. With unprecedented access to the New South Wales Police, Recruits gives audiences a rare glimpse at what’s required of the people we entrust to keep the peace and uphold the law. 

Series 2 - Episode 13

After surviving eight of the toughest months in their lives at Police College, Australia's newest officers hit the streets. Anything can happen on the beat and they soon discover the difference between life at college and life as a cop. In the notorious red light district of Kings Cross, Probationary Constable Mitch gets a rude awakening. In the early hours of the morning, as drunks spill onto the streets, an unruly crowd gathers outside Porky's strip club. Mitch finds himself in the thick of the fray as an assault takes place.

Series 1 - Episode 4

In Sydney, two Probationary Constables get their first taste of what it's like policing Sydney's biggest event of the year: Mardi Gras. A teeming mass of 300,000 partygoers converge in Sydney's city to celebrate. Unfortunately for police, some are more intent on getting drunk and causing trouble. Within the first hour Chris and Lyndon are two of 800 police whose job it is to manage the chaos that ensues. With police radio constantly jammed with emergency beeps, it's a night that tests even the most experienced police.

Series 1 - Episode 2

Probationary Constable Cristina Cidade is a keen kickboxer - skills she's hoping will help keep her safe on the beat in Sydney. Called to a violent arrest, she's confronted with a suspect who's running from police - and does not want to be caught. Back at the NSW Police College in Goulburn, the student recruits begin their training.