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Ocean Patrol: Coastwatch   

Series 1: 7x30 | SD | 2010
Series 2: 13x30 | SD | 2011
Series 3: 15x30 | SD | 2012
Series 4: 10x30 | SD | 2013
Series 5: 10x30 | SD | 2014
Series 6: 10x30 | SD | 2015
Series 7: 13x30 | HD | 2016
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This gripping series follows the men and women patrolling the 15,000 kilometers of New Zealand’s shoreline.

From drug busts and drunks to sinking yachts with families aboard, we are given a never-before-seen perspective as police officers put their lives on the line in often highly treacherous conditions. The safety and emergency response organisations find, and rescue, yachts-men lost at sea, which injured passengers off yachts and cruise ships, while the Coastguard Volunteers pluck passengers off sinking vessels, steer vessels safely out of dangerous waters, and prevent a yacht crashing and stranding on rocks.

With a special season based in Australia, the series offers a particular insight on the two nations who cannot keep out of water – both for fun and for crime.

Series 7 - Episode 8

Wellington Fishery Officers make chase and rush to find the catch before it's stashed. The Northland Electricity Rescue Helicopter crew winch a man with serious head injuries - a dangerous rescue at sea. And a distressed woman becomes a handful for Wellington Maritime Police.

OZ - Episode 10: Abalone and Cash

After weeks of surveillance, Fisheries and Police knock on the door of an Illawarra home with a warrant for search and seizure. They believe one of the occupants is involved in the black market abalone trade and not only do they discover evidence of an illegal syndicate, but they also find a massive stash of cash.

OZ - Episode 2: Irate Fisherman

A man in a crippled yacht is in fear for his life, drifting hundreds of kilometers out to sea. Crew on the police boat Nemesis are sent to rescue him but weather conditions are terrible and police themselves must put their own lives on the line. Meanwhile, Fisheries Investigators Tony Chen and Matt Cartwright are involved in an explosive confrontration at The Entrance that threatens to turn violent.