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Licence to Drill: Louisiana   

Series 1: 8x60 | HD | 2014
Production Company
Primary Broadcaster
Discovery Canada

Think your job is tough?

It's spring in the Alberta Oil Patch and the Kings of the Canadian North are on the move. The team are on an adventure of a lifetime. Licence to Drill is a mud splattered, oil drenched escapade into some of Louisiana's best oil country.

Join a special breed of survivors who drill for oil night & day in a terrifying climate in this cool and chilling TV show.

Episode 4: Dirty Job

Justiss Oil has been drilling wildcat wells in Louisiana since 1946, and they know the stakes: for every ten wells they drill, only one produces. But on this well, they've got very high hopes. So when all hell breaks loose on Cody's watch, Justiss Oil sends in the company man, J-Rock, to straighten out the mess. And J-Rock knows how to rally all hands on deck - including the Canadian hands - pulling together to save the well.