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Kebab Kings   

Series 1: 3x30 | HD | 2015
Production Company
Primary Broadcaster
SBS Australia

The humble kebab. A rite of passage for millions of revelers looking for late-night nourishment the world over. Fixed rig cameras document the challenges owners and staff face in a busy time of the year. And as we found out, just as much goes on behind the spits and skewers of meat as it does in front of them.

We follow Muslim-Indian entrepreneurs Mustafa and Zareena who have re-mortgaged their home, risking everything to expand their empire beyond their first shop, SMITH KEBABS. And as Turkish kebab veterans Fatima and Nafi are retiring they have sold their beloved OZ TURK to inexperienced Syrian brothers Fadi and Rami. Funny, moving and at times outrageous, this innovative insight into a hidden institution sees two multicultural families running two busy kebab shops giving us a unique perspective. 

Episode 2

With just over two weeks to Christmas the silly season is in full swing, but on George St, Oz Turk is unusually quiet for this time of year. With the notoriously quiet months of January and February just around the corner, former owners the Bozoglus are hoping new owners, Syrian brothers Fadi and Rami, can be more welcoming to customers.