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Hustling America   

Series 1: 3x60 | HD | 2013
Production Company
Icon Films/Motion Content Group
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 5

TV conman Alexis Conran travels across America following in the footsteps of history’s greatest hustlers. He wants to see if his skills in deception and magic will allow him to pull off the hardest cons of all: the so-called Proposition Bets – outlandish sounding wagers that are almost impossible to win unless you know the cunning secret behind them. These bets were originally used to con people out of their money – but for Alexis it’s not about the cash. He’s on a personal mission to measure himself against the greatest hustlers in the country where these ideas were invented. 

Episode 3: New York

New York Alexis tests himself against the most street savvy city in the world: New York. He beats a ping pong pro using an old hustler’s trick and rigs a 7 pound seafood eating contest in his favour with a devious trick.

Episode 2: Las Vegas

Las Vegas Alexis in on the road to Las Vegas, home of the modern gambler. Along the way he bets on flies landing on sugar cubes, outruns a horse on foot and meets the man who had breast implants to win $100,000.

Episode 1: Texas

Texas Alexis traces Titanic Thompson –the most devious hustler of all. He meets Titanic’s son Tommy: a former card cheat turned preacher; races an 11 storey elevator on foot and recreates Titanic’s first ever bets to test himself against his hero.