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High School   

Series 1: 8x30 | HD | 2019
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High School is a gritty new 8-part online docu-soap following a group of 12 young hopefuls who have traded in their ordinary lives to enroll at the NZ Skydive school. It’s the only course of its kind in the world. Our virgin jumpers will be tested to their physical and mental limits as they try to land a dream job, or at the very least one worth getting out of bed for.

The goal – to become professional industry skydivers opening a world of opportunity. We’ve been given exclusive access to capture their highs and their lows.

Episode 3

The day of their first skydive has arrived and the gravity of what the students are about to undertake is weighing heavily on their minds - not everyone feels ready.

Episode 2

To 'earn their wings' and graduate from ground school the students must overcome the infamous 'hanging harness' test before they'll be allowed to do their first solo.

Episode 1

Our virgin jumpers arrive at the Skydive school from all over the world but get a hard-hitting reality check on what it is exactly that they've signed up for.