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Fool's Gold   

Series 1: 8x30 | HD | 2014
Series 2: 12x30 | HD | 2015
Production Company
Essential 11 Productions
Primary Broadcaster

Todd and his crew are looking to strike it rich in the gold-laden hills of Northern Ontario and to retire in style. The only problem for this start-up DIY mining company? They don't know what they're doing!

In series 2 the crew is back at Straw Lake armed with greater knowledge, new equipment and hopefully better luck to help them avoid going broke and maybe – just maybe - strike it rich!

The Boss, Todd Ryznar, sets the table with a cleaned up camp and new equipment. He’s armed with a solid plan and more organization, but how long this lasts is anybody’s guess. The bottom line is he’s desperate, he means business, and he’s going to find gold, “by any means necessary”.

Series 2 - Episode 10

Todd’s twin brother, Trevor, arrives at camp to collect money Todd owes him. Todd tries to play poor just as the crew reveals a significant gold vein in one of the trenches. With Todd’s debt to his brother hanging over his head, he makes Trevor an unbelievable deal that can only be described as “Classic Todd”...

Series 2 - Episode 8

Todd is contacted by a local journalist who wants to write a feature on him as a successful businessman. Todd sees this as a golden opportunity to get the word out there about the work they've been doing at Straw Lake - and maybe, just maybe attract the attention of a rich investor! But how can Todd show off the site with everything shut down? Can the Shotgun Crew get things back up and running in time to save Todd's reputation?