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Border Interceptors   

Series 1: 10x30 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Crackit Productions

Following the work of the men and women who protect Ireland’s borders on a daily basis.  From dealing with the millions people who travel through Irish airports as they visit the Emerald Isle every year to making sure everything is above board with the millions of tonnes of goods that arrive and leave Irish shores every year, from ensuring the safety of people along Ireland’s 3000 kilometres of coastline to keeping a watchful eye over the vehicles crossing back and forth along the nearly 500 kilometres of land border with the UK.   Filming in multiple locations throughout Ireland we’ll capture the frontline work of the numerous agencies who protect Ireland’s borders. 

Episode 5

Passport and Immigration officers at Dublin Airport deal with a Mexican lady who claims she’s visiting her brother but has little details or money to back up her story. Also at Dublin Airport an officer has to deal with an American man who’s lost his passport and all of his paperwork on his journey from central Europe to Ireland. And at Dublin Port, the security team uncover a haul of weapons as they conduct searches on vehicles boarding a ferry.

Episode 3

At Cork Port, Ireland’s second busiest port, armed police are on the hunt for illegal immigrants trying to get into the country. With intel from their international partners they target specific trucks as they come off the ferry. And with their four legged colleagues they stop and search the vehicles. Officers at Dublin Airport’s Passport and Immigration deal with a brother and sister from Hong Kong who claim they’re visiting their sister who lives in Ireland but have no paperwork or contact details to back up their story. And traffic officers around Dublin Port stop a driver who they believe to be involved with drugs.

Episode 2

At Cork Airport, officer James O’Hearne has to deal with a passenger who has no passport and no form of identification. Dublin’s traffic officers pull over a car that’s been brought across the border from the UK. They suspect it’s a dangerous vehicle that isn’t taxed or insured but the driver claims otherwise. And at Dublin airport a Chinese lady who’s just arrived from Toronto, faces being deported because she doesn’t have the required paperwork.