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Mr v Mrs: Call the Mediator   

Series 1: 3x60 | HD | 2016
Production Company
Wild Pictures
Primary Broadcaster

Intense, effective and practically focused, the mediation process forces a couple to make plans together - face-to-face in a room - with the help of a professional mediator.

This fly-on-the-wall series follows couples, who are in the midst of emotional divorce processes, as they use mediation to work out how to split their assets and care for their children. Using a fixed rig as well as camera crews, the audience has unmatched access to the incredibly private world of the mediation room and their home lives of the families as they argue, negotiate, agree and disagree about what happens to their property, their money and their children.

With candour, emotion and palpable tension, this series will take you behind the closed doors of family mediation and into the homes of families on the brink of disaster.  

Episode 3

Robina left an arranged marriage after 24 years with Parvez. Now they need to agree how to fairly divide what they have. Matt and Jess are struggling resolve a dispute about their children's overnight stays with Matt's new partner. And Catia wants to take daughter Susie to live in Portugal. But her ex-partner Ben doesn't want Susie to leave.

Episode 2

Mandy hasn't seen her ex-partner Peter for 6 years but is still living in the flat they co-own. Alan and Yvonne are about to sell their house to finance their new lives after they divorce and need help to decide who should get what. And Richie and Lizzie can't agree where Richie should see their son now that they live 100 miles apart.

Episode 1

Three separated couples come face to face to try to resolve their disputes in the private world of family mediation. Sue has left husband Peter for another man. They're divorcing but can't agree how their money should be split. Martin wants see the two sons he has with ex-partner Nicky, but Nicky doesn't want to see him. And Jason and Vicky are separated parents who are struggling to share the parenting of their daughter. They haven't spoken a word to each other for the last 6 months. Will they manage to reach agreement and avoid ending up in a courtroom battle?