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Inside British Airways   

Series 1: 4x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Title Role Productions
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 5

2019 marks the 100-year anniversary of British Airways – one of the worlds most famous airlines. Now in this monumental year, BA have given exclusive access to Title Role. Allowing cameras inside every area of the company to show how the airline deals with the ups and downs of the modern aviation business.

Running a successful airline has never been harder - the skies are crowded with competitors, passengers are more demanding and the days of BA having the monopoly on international travel from the UK are long gone. So what do they do to make sure they stay ahead of the competition? With a combination of fascinating and exclusive access, intimate actuality with staff across the business and sumptuous archive, we reveal exactly how BA hope to regain the number one spot in the skies.

Episode 3

As the old saying goes, planes are only making money when they are in the air so getting passengers off a flight as soon it has landed and the next lot on ready for take off is crucial. We follow the intricate but unheralded process of the turnaround - and follow the person responsible for ensuring that a flight is loaded with fuel, food, baggage and people, ready for take off when it needs to be.

Episode 2

British Airways used to be renowned for their luxury travel. But in recent years they have been surpassed by rivals from the Middle East and beyond. We find out how the airline hope to claim back their number one position with a new ‘first class’ – everything from staff training and on board service to the prestigious first class lounges have been reimagined. And we get a privileged look into the ultra VIP Concorde room at JFK airport in New York.

Episode 1

The series starts with a turning point for the airline as it waves goodbye to the last of the venerable 767 fleet – the versatile workhorse has had its day, superseded by new, quieter and more efficient planes. As the staff gathers to say farewell, we reveal that the Captain of the final flight is also hanging up her wings.