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How I Created a Cult    

Series 1: 3x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Conscious Life

For the first time, go inside the mind of a notorious American guru as he confesses How I Created A Cult. Featuring in depth interviews from his devotees detailing psychological abuse, extortion, unrelenting domination and control over their personal and professional lives, this three-part documentary mini-series examines the path to corruption from idealistic beginnings to the crumble of a worldwide spiritual empire worth millions. Through 25 years of archive footage, photos and exclusive interviews, How I Created A Cult examines what attracts people to charismatic leaders and how the best of intentions can turn dark when authoritarian power structures benefit those in power.

How I Created A Cult is about more than just one man and his organization, it is a deep exploration of how absolute power corrupts, the danger of charismatic leaders, and the ultimate risk of surrendering everything to anyone or anything.

"He was the guide to my deepest experiences and the one who caused the most pain "
- Jeff Bellsey - Former student of Andrew Cohen

Episode 1

American Andrew Cohen gains enlightenment on a trip to India. Quickly dozens of people leave their lives to follow their new guru to California. Marriages and families are torn apart as people surrender every hour of their lives to Andrew’s demands. The structures of power domination and control designed by Andrew change their idealistic desire for awakening into the trappings of a cult.