78 79 79 78 NARCOS UK: BRITAIN’S MAFIA FAMILIES Stories are always told about the biggest crime families in the US, but now we’re about to tell those of organised crime across the UK. We follow the UK’s biggest crime families’ rise to notoriety and expose their shocking crimes, from murder, money laundering and drug dealing to fraud, robbery and extortion. MY DEADLY RELATION Exploring what it’s like to have a murderer in the family from the unique perspective of the people who know the murderers best; their loved ones. Their relatives discuss how the heinous crimes impacted on those around them, and how they dealt with the aftermath. DURATION 6 x 60 HD DURATION 4 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY Woodcut Media PRODUCTION COMPANY ITN Productions YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2018 YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2018 NEW FOR MIPCOM NEW FOR MIPCOM 78 79 CRIME & INVESTIGATION