72 73 73 72 WORLD’S SCARIEST HAUNTINGS Extraordinary phenomenon witnessed by ordinary people unfold in places that have become some of the world’s most terrifying to visit. Delving deeper into whether these sightings, frightenings and fears are real or imagined are the series experts, who uncover the sinister stories behind these places. HOW I CAUGHT THE KILLER Revealing how police officers not only solve the mysteries of these worldwide murder cases but track down the killers and bring them to justice. Every murder discovered tears whole communities apart, can there ever be closure? DURATION 10 x 60 HD DURATION 10 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY Woodcut Media PRODUCTION COMPANY Woodcut Media YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2018 YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2018 NEW FOR MIPCOM NEW FOR MIPCOM CRIME & INVESTIGATION