70 70 71 STALKERS LEFT FOR DEAD The Yorkshire Ripper, the “Moors Murderers” and “the bus stop killer” are some of Britain’s most reviled serial killers. This unique series looks at these notorious murderers through the eyes of the ones that survived and lived to tell the tale. With exclusive access to the national agency dedicated to protecting victims of stalking - we follow the specialist team and their moving, gripping cases. 20% of women in the UK are stalked, there are 120,000 new victims every year. A stalker could be your next door neighbour, someone you used to work with or someone you only bumped into for five minutes - the list is endless. They are narcissistic and will totally invade your life. IN SLOW MOTION STALKED: MURDER DURATION 3 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY BriteSpark Films YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2014 - 2017 2 SERIES DURATION 1 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY Wild Pictures YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2017 Every week in the UK two people die at the hands of their stalkers, with more than 90% of British murders involving stalking. We investigate two of Britain’s worst stalking cases that ended in murder, examining the warning signs and asking whether more could have been done to save their lives. DURATION 3 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY ITN Productions YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2018 NEW FOR MIPCOM CRIME & INVESTIGATION