45 44 PRIVATE LIVES THE PRIVATE LIVES OF THE MONARCHS Their iconic images, captured in famous portraits and paintings by celebrated artists, are part of the very fabric of national culture. In carefully arranged poses, the Kings and Queens of history still look down upon us today - they are powerful symbols of bygone ages. However, they were just human beings, with the same bad habits and weaknesses, wants and needs as the rest of us, which is what makes them so interesting. Exploring the intriguing lives of influential aristocrats; from powerful royals to controversial figures of world history. Regardless of their tremendous affluence and influence they all had the same human foibles as the rest of us, and this dysfunctionality is as every bit fascinating. Tracy Borman investigates the people behind the personalities. SECRETS OF THE MAGNA CARTA FORBIDDEN HISTORY We lift the lid on some of history’s great mysteries by tunnelling deeper, travelling wider, looking more closely, asking harder questions and searching for evidence with more determination than ever before. We are taken to places far and wide and will encounter conspiracy theories, cover ups, strange phenomenas, unexplained happenings and mysterious findings. This award winning series tells the story of the legendary document that dates from the time of Robin Hood. The Magna Carta is a standard against which we can judge how free we are. So how do we measure up today? Filmed in the UK and US, Secrets of the Magna Carta features world experts in history, law and economics. DURATION 6 x 60 HD DURATION 24 x 60 HD DURATION 2 x 60 HD DURATION 5 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY Like A Shot Entertainment PRODUCTION COMPANY Like A Shot Entertainment PRODUCTION COMPANY WAG TV PRODUCTION COMPANY Like A Shot Entertainment YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2018 YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2014 - 2018 YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2017 YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2017 4 SERIES NEW FOR MIPCOM HISTORY