42 43 DURATION X x XX PRODUCTION COMPANY XXXXXXX YEAR OF PRODUCTION XXXX HD 42 43 ELIZABETH At age 10 years, an unexpected twist of fate led her to become heir to the throne of the world’s greatest Empire. At 13 years, just a mere Princess, she fell in love with a man five years her senior, Philip. At 21 years, she married him and soon bore him their first two children, Charles and Anne. At 25 years, she inherited the throne... where she still sits today. Over the course of her nearly seven decade rule, she has been served by over a dozen prime ministers, met the world’s greatest leaders, watched her offspring embroiled in a series of world-captivating scandals, and buried her mother, sister, and an iconic daughter-in-law. She has seen her approval-ratings plummet so low the monarchy itself was openly questioned, and later publicly rebounded to become the adoring “great grandmother” of a grateful nation. MYTHICAL BEASTS For thousands of years, civilizations have believed in mythical beasts – Dragons, Cyclops, Giants, Vampires and Sea Monsters. But where did the stories of these fabled creatures come from? How much truth lies behind the legend? And what can these myths tell us about the medieval and ancient civilizations that created them? DURATION 10 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY Windfall Films YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2018 DURATION 8 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY ITN Productions YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2018 NEW FOR MIPCOM HISTORY