26 With house prices soaring and generation rent swollen, this series delves into the dark side of the UK’s housing crisis, shining the spotlight on what happens when conflicts between landlords and tenants get out of control. Managing tenant lifestyles and landlord expectations, our seven skilled Property Managers juggle all aspects of the business on a daily basis. Dealing with anything from filthy absconders, to untrained pets, enthusiastic hobbyists and even street parties. Our team are there to pick up the pieces, solve the problems and keep life running as smoothly as possible for tenants and landlords alike. NIGHTMARE TENANTS, SLUM LANDLORDS RENTERS MONEY FOR NOTHING Presenter Sarah Moore saves three things from being dumped from people’s homes and transforms them into bespoke and valuable pieces, then returns the profit back to the owners who had no idea there was cash to be made from their trash. DURATION 67 x 60 HD DURATION 61 x 30 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY BriteSpark Films PRODUCTION COMPANY Greenstone YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2015 - 2019 YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2011 - 2017 5 SERIES 7 SERIES 6 SERIES 16 EPS NEW FOR MIPCOM DURATION 135 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY Friel Kean Films YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2015 - 2018 20 EPS NEW FOR MIPCOM FORMAT FORMAT 27 REALITY & ENTERTAINMENT