21 20 What exactly defines a family in today’s complex world? These extraordinary families all shun the norm, sharing their positivity and eccentricity with the world as we explore their less than conventional lives. AGE GAP LOVE SUN, SEA & LOVE CHEATS Revealing the truth behind the holiday romances from hell, speaking to women who say their lives have been ruined by a deceptive love cheat. Exploring the predatory nature of men who lurk in the shadows of idyllic resorts across the globe, ready to romance the unwary into bed, simply as a means of getting into their bank accounts. There’s no doubt a young lover can do wonders for an ego but what about relationships divided by huge age gaps, is it natural? Is it right? From boob jobs to colostomy bags, pension books to nightclubs, in this revealing documentary we’ll be seeing how true love can survive when your other half is old enough to be your parent – or even your grandparent! Including: Age Gap Love: 5 Years On. DURATION 7 x 60 HD DURATION 5 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY Nine Lives/Motion Content Group PRODUCTION COMPANY Nine Lives/Motion Content Group YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2014 - 2018 YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2014 - 2018 3 SERIES 3 SERIES DURATION 6 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY Title Role Productions YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2018 3 EPS NEW FOR MIPCOM 1 EP NEW FOR MIPCOM WORLD’S MOST EXTRAORDINARY FAMILIES NEW FOR MIPCOM 21 21 REALITY & ENTERTAINMENT