Hello Mr or Ms Buyer, Producer or Friend,  Whilst you’re reading our latest catalogue can I grab your attention briefly? Don’t let us stop you having a browse through our New Releases brochure. I know what you’re thinking, it’s a bit meaty isn’t it?! Well, yes, it is as we are launching around 400 new hours of either new or returning series, and over 50 new titles at MIPCOM. Not bad for a company that’s a mere SIX years old. As a buyer you may curse us for trying to sell the same show we originally launched earlier this year or at MIPCOM 2017, but some of you buyers have so much content to look at undeniably stuff gets lost in the pile…. fair enough? We definitely feel we’re offering enough new content for whatever your unscripted requirements are. Can I also mention that we were voted the ‘Number One Distributor’ in the 2018 Televisual Magazine poll of the Top 100 producer’s favourite Distributor? These lovely fair-minded producers have recognised the team’s fanatically hard work and devotion to the cause… with customer service TCB’s motto is “to under promise and over deliver”…best not to get that the wrong way ‘round. Huge thank you to everyone who voted for us, we are very grateful. TCB also came 3rd in the current Broadcast Distributors Survey Peer Poll, huge thank you to everyone who voted for us. This is a very proud moment for a brilliant team. In the past year we have more than doubled the acquisitions team and have increased the sales team too, so whatever your role is in this fast moving, slightly crazy industry I hope you can see the effects. Thank you for reading our catalogue and for your continued immense support, Paul and everyone at TCB TCB Media Rights Ltd Building 7, Chiswick Business Park 566 Chiswick High Road, W4 5YG United Kingdom +44 (0)20 3970 5577 sales@tcbmediarights.com www.tcbmediarights.com