Rich kids ditch their fast cars, five star hotels and endless shopping trips to go skint with families living on the breadline. During their stay, they’ll experience the shock of living below the poverty line, by helping to shop, feed, and babysit for families who can barely make ends meet. Sparks will fly and tears will fall as they face the most challenging few days of their entire lives. Falling down, getting caught out in a lie, throwing up, farting or burping in public - we’ve all done it and so have ‘A’ list celebrities. Whenever one of us fails at the basics, it’s always a perfect combination of hilarious and awkward. So, when a celebrity does it and it’s caught on camera, it’s guaranteed TV gold. Featuring everything from wardrobe malfunctions to performance fails and stroppy behaviour from the most famous ‘A’ list faces that include Tom Cruise, Beyonce and The Kardashians. 18 Features fails that have happened on a monumental scale. From sports shows to chat shows to reality TV, from sex scandals to televised meltdowns we’ve got some of the jaw-dropping moments that have left us shocked, confused or just rolling about with laughter! Including: When Celebrity Goes Horribly Wrong, and When Magic Goes Horribly Wrong DURATION 11 x 60 HD DURATION 1 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY Crackit Productions PRODUCTION COMPANY Tuesday’s Child YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2017 - 2019 YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2018 5 SERIES DURATION 18 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY Kalel Productions YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2017 - 2018 2 SERIES 3 EPS NEW FOR MIPCOM 12 EPS NEW FOR MIPCOM FORMAT NEW FOR MIPCOM 18 19 REALITY & ENTERTAINMENT RICH KIDS GO SKINT 19