16 THE GUILD GARAGE DESERT COLLECTORS Set in the goldfields of Western Australia, one of the largest gold and nickel mining areas in the world.Join the Desert Collectors as they travel the spectacular outback scenery steeped in history and heritage in search of unique treasures, and meet the people who spend their lives collecting them. The Guild guys have taken on the most iconic vehicles and the most demanding clients, and given them both a new lease of life. This real-life TV series takes our audience on a historical and emotional journey into the exotic and extreme world of million-dollar classic cars. FIGHTS CAMERA ACTION Brought together are the most spectacular, mind-boggling and downright bizarre car crashes and road incidents ever seen. Filmed from the CCTV cameras, phones and go-pros of motorists and pedestrians from across the planet, which takes the audience around the world through crashes, edge of your seat near misses, laugh out loud mishaps and a whole host of must see pandemonium. With access to thousands of driving related clips we’ve sorted, sifted and selected this extraordinary footage to take viewers on an incredible road trip; a journey that’s going to take them to every corner of the globe. In-depth features give the inside view on some of the most talked-about viral clips of recent years. From street brawls to beach punch-ups, aeroplane altercations to road rage rants, we look at what happened, what sparked the incidents, and what the consequences were for the people involved. DURATION 20 x 60 HD DURATION 7 x 60 / 12 x 30 HD DURATION 36 x 30 HD DURATION 13 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY Attaboy TV PRODUCTION COMPANY Worldmark Films / TCB PRODUCTION COMPANY Pixcom Productions PRODUCTION COMPANY Blizzard Road YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2017 - 2018 YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2016 - 2017 YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2016 - 2018 YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2017 2 SERIES 2 SERIES 3 SERIES 13 EPS NEW FOR MIPCOM 12 EPS NEW FOR MIPCOM 17 17 REALITY & ENTERTAINMENT