104 105 104 105 GET AWAY FOR WINTER Following friends and families as they work out how to fund and find a rental property abroad to escape the worst of the British weather. With the help of a local property expert they view four properties on the search for their perfect winter getaway. AL’S FISH’N WITH MATES Australia’s favourite fisherman and underwater photographer, Al McGlashan, is on the bucket list adventure of a lifetime. Sharing his incredible adventures with fishing celebrities the world over. An observational documentary, akin to the world’s currently most watched fishing programmes and where the emphasis is always on adventure. DURATION 15 x 60 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY Friel Kean Film YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2018 DURATION 49 x 30 HD PRODUCTION COMPANY Klinik TV YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2014 - 2018 7 SERIES 14 EPS NEW FOR MIPCOM FORMAT TRAVEL & ADVENTURES