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World's Wildest Weather   

6x60 | HD | 2017
Production Company
Title Role
Primary Broadcaster
Sky NZ

From freak tornadoes appearing out of nowhere, to pounding storms with hailstones the size of footballs… This fast-paced, adrenaline-filled and shocking documentary series will chart some of the most extreme weather from all around the globe with first hand witness statements and user generated content, bringing viewers right into the panic and drama of those caught up in the storm coupled with jaw dropping CGI.

In each episode we will hear of four shocking cases, where without any warning the weather changed in an instant, causing catastrophic damage and danger to anyone in its path. We take viewers right into the storm, to see through the eyes of those who experienced some of the World’s Wildest Weather…

With first person interviews and series experts, we analyse the wild weather and unpick how nature creates these phenomenons, in order to provide viewers with the science behind the storms.

Episode 1

We follow four remarkable stories of survival as we witness one man?s lucky escape from Tennessee?s deadliest wildfire, the dramatic rescue of a woman submerged in a ferocious mudslide, unsuspecting civilians who escape a deadly EF5 tornado by locking themselves in a bank vault and a storm chaser who battles the eye of the strongest hurricane to make landfall in Mexico.