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Space Dealers   

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The Space Race is back on! Larry McGlynn, Torie Lazaros and Cole Sommers are America’s top space dealers – they hunt down and flip space kit and space hardware. Whether it’s the pilot’s seat from Gemini 12, an uneaten astronaut meal pack or the kit bag Buzz Aldrin took to the moon, if something’s been to space it’s worth BIG money.

Every item they come across has a story – each one is a fascinating episode in the history of space exploration. And sometimes, there’s a puzzle too: bits of space kit aren’t always easy to identify. What did they do? These guys aren’t just dealers, they’re space detectives. Sometimes, to realize an item’s true value, they have to find out where it was used, and how. So they have to speak to people in the know – real space engineers and designers, and occasionally, the heroes who played a part in actual space missions.

The series features encounters with some of the biggest names in space exploration: Space Shuttle veterans Winston Scott and Scott Parazynksi; Apollo 15’s Al Wordon, one of only 24 men to have ever flown to the moon; and Walt Cunningham, Apollo 7’s Lunar Module Pilot, the mission which paved the way for the first moon landing.

Space Dealers is an entertaining character-led series jam-packed with amazing archive, incredible artefacts and memorable encounters with the biggest names in the history of the space race.

Episode 1

Larry takes on an impossible mission: he's been asked to find an item worn in space by Apollo 15 legend Al Worden. It's going to be tough but Larry is keen to succeed - if he pulls it off he gets to meet the great man himself! Torie goes on the search for Russian space items for a museum in San Francisco, and Cole hunts for an item from Apollo 13, his search takes him to Las Vegas where he meets one of the biggest collectors in the space dealing world.

Episode 3

Torie's son Jason joins her on the road where she introduces him to the family business but will he be more of a hindrance than a help? Larry turns 'gastronaut' when he comes across some space food; and a collector's flash sale sees Cole bid for an Apollo 11 item with an incredible story - how Buzz Aldrin took Holy Communion on the moon!