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Highland Midwives   

Production Company
Matchlight/Motion Content Group
Year of Production
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 5

What happens if you’re pregnant and due to have your baby in the Scottish Highlands and you live a hundred – even hundreds of – miles from a big city hospital? With no consultants nearby, no epidurals, the health and safety of you and your baby lies in the hands of some very special women, the Highland Midwives.

Following the work of midwives based in the Scottish Highlands, we witness the unique set of challenges they face as they look after mums-to-be in some of the most beautiful, but remote areas of Scotland.

Featuring three new mums per episode, we see the special bond that develops between them and their Highland midwife as they share the highs and lows of pregnancy, the drama of childbirth, and the determination and drive the midwives have to bring the next generation of Highlanders safely into the world. 

Episode 1

First time mum Bridie's hopes for a local Highland birth are threatened when her labour fails to progress. With her midwife's help she decides to make a 4 hour car journey in the middle of the night to hospital. In the far north of Scotland, midwife Morven makes a late night dash to Anastasia's home when her baby makes an unexpected and swift entrance into the world. Whilst in Lochgilphead, on the West coast, mum-to-be Samantha relies on her local midwives to calm her anxieties stemming from a previous traumatic pregnancy.

Episode 2

In the north of Scotland, midwife Morven closely monitors mum-to-be Emma who has a history of delivering big babies that require a c-section. In Campbeltown on the west coast, Susanna gets closer to her dream of a big family when midwife Helen tries to help her have a local birth without pain relief. Whilst mum to be Karen, who lost her previous baby in pregnancy, relies on her midwife to help her through the worry and tension her latest pregnancy.