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TCB Media Rights


Abandoned Engineering  

2 Series 22x60 HD | Like a Shot Entertainment | Discovery Science

Adventure Angler  

7 series 80x30 HD | Adams Media Group | Fox Sports

Animal Antics  

13x30 HD | Woodcut Media | Viasat

Building the next Bugatti  

1x60 HD | Cry Havoc Productions | National Geographic Channels

Caught on Dashcam  

2 Series: 7x60' HD | Worldmark | Channel 7 / MediaWorks New Zealand

Confessions of a Serial Killer  

10x60 HD | Monster Films | CBS Reality

Cyber Scammers  

1x60 HD | Wild Pictures | ITV1

Defenders of the Sky  

10x60 HD | Woodcut Media | History Channel UK

Desert Collectors  

13x60 HD | Blizzard Road | Foxtail

EasyJet: Inside the Cockpit  

3x60 HD | ITN Productions | ITV1


8x60 HD | ITN Productions | Channel 5

Fights, Camera, Action  

10x60 HD | Attaboy TV | Spike

Flipping Bangers  

10x60 HD | Just Might Productions | History UK / RMC

For The Love of Meat  

3x60 HD | Essential Media | SBS Australia

Forbidden History  

24x60 HD | Like A Shot Entertainment

Gourmet Farmer  

40x30 HD | Essential Media | SBS Australia

Gourmet Farmer Afloat  

6x30 HD | Essential Media

Hitler's World: The Post War Plan  

6x60 HD | Like A Shot

How Hacks Work  

30x30 HD | Woodcut Media | Viasat

Kitten Rescuers  

8x60 HD | Middlechild Productions/Motion Content Group | Channel 5

Left For Dead  

3x60 HD | BriteSpark Films | Channel 5

Marry Me, Marry My Family  

3x60 HD | CJZ | SBS Australia

Money For Nothing  

100x60 HD | Friel Kean Films | BBC1

Monkey Life Special  

1x60 HD | Primate Planet Productions | Sky Pick

Murder Made Me Famous  

5 series 31x60 HD | AMS Pictures | Reelz Channel

Pampered Pooches: Hollywood  

1x60 HD | 158 Productions & Olga TV | ITV

Secrets of the Magna Carta  

2x60 HD | WAG TV

Shane Delia's Spice Journey  

30x30 HD | Essential Media | SBS Australia

Shelfie with Dan Hong  

5x30 HD | Essential Media | ABC Australia

Slice of Paradise  

8x60 HD | MediaWorks TV | TV3 NZ


1x60 HD | Wild Pictures

The Cruise  

3 Series: 12x60' HD | Wild Pictures | ITV

The Guild Garage  

24x30 HD | PIXCOM | Velocity

The Obesity Myth  

3x60 HD | Greenstone | SBS Australia

The Private Lives of the Monarchs  

5x60 HD | Like A Shot Entertainment | UKTV / Viasat

Wartime Crime  

6x60 HD | Symettrica Entertainment | UKTV / American Heroes Channel

What's The Catch?  

3x60 HD | Essential Media | SBS Australia

When Celebrity Goes Horribly Wrong  

2x60 HD | Crackit Productions | Channel 5

When TV Goes Horribly Wrong  

2x60 HD | Crackit Productions | Channel 5

Wings of War  

10x60 HD | Woodcut Media | Quest UK

World War Weird  

12x60 HD | WAG TV | UKTV

World's Wildest Flights  

6x60 HD | Title Role | Channel 5

World's Wildest Weather  

6x60 HD | Title Role | Sky NZ