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TCB Media Rights


747: The Jumbo Revolution   

1x60 HD | Arrow Media

Abandoned Engineering   

6x60 HD | Like a Shot Entertainment | Discovery Science

Building the next Bugatti   

1x60 | Cry Havoc Productions

Combat Ships   

10x60 HD | Woodcut Media | A+E UK

Combat Trains   

8x60 HD | Woodcut Media | History Channel UK

Deals, Wheels and Steals   

6x30 HD | Attaboy TV | ITV1

Definitive Guides: Extreme Sea Monsters    

1x60 HD | Arrow Media | C5; NGC; Discovery Canada; Canal D

Definitive Guides: New Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle   

1x60 HD | Arrow Media | C5; NGC; Discovery Canada; Canal D

Heavy Metal Monsters   

6x30 HD | WAG TV

How Do They Do It?   

2 Series: 20x30 | WAG TV | Discovery Channel/Science Channel

Inside Jaguar: Building The Car That Money Can't Buy   

1x60 HD | Arrow Media | Channel 4

Jabbed - Love, Fear and Vaccines   

1x60/1x90 HD | Genepool Productions | SBS Australia


10x30 HD | CJZ

Planes That Changed the World   

3x60 HD | Arrow Media | Smithsonian US

Secrets of the Hand   

1x60 HD | Genepool Productions

Supercar Superbuild   

16x60 HD | Cry Havoc Productions | Discovery Networks International

Superhuman Science   

13x30 HD | Story House Productions | Discovery Networks International

Survival In the Skies   

4x60 HD | Arrow Media

Terror in the Skies   

4x60 HD | Arrow Media | Channel 4/Smithsonian Channel

The Guild Garage   

12x30 HD | PIXCOM | Velocity

The Secret Life of Breasts   

1x60 HD | Genepool Productions

The Ugly Face of Beauty    

4x60 | Crackit Productions | Channel 4

What on Earth?    

3 series 32x60 HD | WAG TV | Discovery Science US

Who's Your Daddy?   

1x60 and 3x30 HD | Genepool Productions

Wicked Inventions   

60x30 HD | Like A Shot Entertainment | Viasat History

WW2 Air Crash Detectives   

6x60 HD | Like A Shot Entertainment | UKTV