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41 Dogs in My Home  

1x60 HD | Middlechild Productions

Animal Airport  

2 series 27x30 HD | Icon Films

Animal Antics  

13x30 HD | Woodcut Media | Viasat

Australia's Deadliest  

12x30 HD | Seven Productions

Australia's Deadliest: Shark Coast  

1x60 HD | Seven Productions

Beaver Las Vegas  

1x60 HD | Middlechild Productions | Channel 5

Dog Patrol  

76x30 HD | Greenstone | TVNZ

Help! I've Bought A Zoo  

1x60 | Crackit Productions | Channel 4

Hercules: The Human Bear  

1x60 HD | Middlechild Productions

Kitten Impossible  

1x60 HD | Middlechild Productions

Kitten Rescuers  

8x60 HD | Middlechild Productions/Motion Content Group | Channel 5

Love Me, Love My Cats  

1x60 HD | Middlechild Productions

Monkey Life  

234x30 HD | Primate Planet Productions | Discovery UK

Monkey World: Building The Sanctuary  

1x60 HD | Primate Planet Productions | Sky Pick

Pet Hoarders  

1x60 HD | Lambent Productions/Motion Content Group

Wild Vets  

3 series: 53x30 | Greenstone | TVNZ

World's Richest Dogs  

1x60 HD | Seven Productions | Channel 7 Australia