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TCB Media Rights


Border Patrol   

9 series 94x30 HD | CJZ/Greenstone | TVNZ

Car Cops: Nabbed   

10x30 HD | Greenstone

Copycat Killers   

13x60 HD | Story House Productions | Reelz Channel

Court Justice    

10x30 HD | CJZ | Foxtel

Did He Do It?   

6x60 HD | BriteSpark Films | Discovery ID US

Dog Patrol   

7 series 66x30 HD | Greenstone | TVNZ

Encounters with Evil   

10x60 HD | ITN Productions | CBS Reality

Handsome Devils   

10x60 HD | BriteSpark Films | Discovery ID US

Killing JFK: 50 Questions Answered   

1x60 HD | AMS Pictures | Reelz US

Left For Dead By The Yorkshire Ripper   

1x60 HD | BriteSpark Films

Minute by Minute   

6x60 HD | Circle Films | Channel 5 UK

Murder Made Me Famous - Series 1-2   

2 series 13x60 HD | AMS Pictures | Reelz Channel

Recruits: Police   

2 Series: 43x30 | CJZ | Network Ten Australia


1x60 HD | TVT Productions

Scandal Made Me Famous   

6x60 HD | AMS Pictures | Reelz

The Pusher: Canal Serial Killer?   

1x60 HD | BriteSpark Films | Channel 4