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World War Weird    

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2016
Series 2: 8x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
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World War Weird explains the most mysterious and bizarre events of both the World Wars. In the chaos of battle men claim to have witnessed some of history’s strangest sightings and in the minds of their leaders; ludicrous military plans have been hatched. From unexplained sea monsters spotted by U-boat captains to some of the weirdest weaponry of the Wars, each episode will examine the stories in fascinating detail. Despite decades of research by historians and experts, many accounts still remain a complete mystery. Using de-classified documents and military historians World War Weird attempts to explain the unexplainable and explore the fascinating history associated with some of the darkest periods in human history.  

Series 2 - Episode 3

Synopsis coming soon.

Series 2 - Episode 2

World War Weird - Series 2 - Episode 2

Series 2 - Episode 1

Synopsis Coming Soon